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21 Sep 2023
Reservations for Pampas & Selene - Batch #2

The first 500 units have been sold out.
Reservations for a second batch and digital versions are now available.

17 Feb 2022
Awards 2021

UnMetal won the following awards:

DeVuego, awards to Spanish games 2021:
Best game
- Best narrative design
- Best idea
- Best PC game

A link to the podcast, awards to games 2021:
- Best Indie
- Best Character
- Best Spanish Indie game

ESNE, awards to Spanish games 2021:
- Best Indie game

And, from deVuego, I've been awarded as the best Spanish developer 2021. :-)

23 Oct 2021
Ghost & POW again available

After Matra closed his online shop, Ghost and Prisoner Of War were no longer available, but you can purchase them again in Manuel Pazos' shop.

The game are the same, only boxes and manuals have changed.

3 Jun 2020
Demo of UnMetal

The demo of UnMetal will be available the 9th of June 2020 on Steam.
This demo contains the first of the 10 stages of the game, and includes voicing.
Feel free to play it and add the game to your wishlist if you like it!