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Pampas & Selene MSX

The spiritual sequel for the Maze of Galious that we all were waiting for!
- MSX2 Megarom
- Graphics by nenefranz
- SCC Music and SFX by Gryzor87


Pampas & Selene can be purchased in the following ways:

-MSX2 physic: it costs 67€ (Spain), 80€ (Europe) or 90€ (America/Asia) and its shipping is expected to be in November/December.

-MSX2 digital: it costs 20€ and is already available.

-PC/Steam digital: its release is expected in 2024 and will cost between 5€ and 10€.

-Nintendo Switch: a digital/download version would come out in 2024, after the PC/Steam one. If it's successful enough, it would come out in physical version too.


One of the best packagings ever done for an MSX Game.

- Box with magnetic closure
- Cartridge
- User's manual
- Double CD with OST (original and arranged)
- Survey card
- Digital version for MSX2 ( to be delivered as soon as it is ready )

List of prices including shipping for 1 to 4 units of Pampas & Selene:

*special: units sold in events like GOTO40, RUMSX, RetroBarcelona, and units sold to companies or shops.

Prices in Japan, Korea and Brazil are higher because Paypal doesn't have "Send to friend" option in these countries.


If you can't afford a physical version you can enjoy Pampas & Selene in openMSX emulator, MSXVR or using Pazos' FlashMegaRom.

- 2 ROM files
- User's Manual in PDF

Price: 20€

This version is delivered for free if you get the physical one.


Payments for MSX units are done via Paypal.

To make a reservation please send an email to unepicgame@gmail.com indicating what type of Pampas and how many units do you want.

For PC/Steam or consoles, payment will be done through their platforms as usual.


I'm working on a porting to PC/Steam that will be available in 2024 or earlier if possible.

Click here to open the Steam page and wishlist it.