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Pampas & Selene MSX

This page is to proceed with the payment of the digital version of Pampas & Selene for MSX2.

When you proceed with the payment from this web (pay button is bellow), please follow these steps:

1.- Press "Send" in the first screen (it's the only option here).

2.- Log in.

3.- Make sure the currency is set to EUR (right bellow 20,00)

4.- On the "add a message" field write your email.

5.- Change "Goods and services" to "for friends and family" to prevent Paypal getting part of the payment.

(if you don't want to do it or Paypal hasn't this option enabled in your country then please change 20,00 to 25,00).

6.- Press "SEND".

To do the payment please click the following button:

Once is done, please write to me back to unepicgame@gmail.com and I'll send you the links to download it.

Thank you!